best Roblox games for kids

Best Roblox Games For Kids 2020

Roblox, an ideal platform that was primarily aimed at users above the age of 18 years, is increasingly becoming popular among the under-18 age group. This is because of the fact that it kindles imagination in children. Kids can choose from a variety of themed games to play or create.

These games, ranging from mentally stimulating puzzles and mazes to virtual 3D adventures and combats, instill excitement in children as they can access any game they wish to try about it. In case such a game does not exist, they have an option of designing, creating, and launching one themselves.

Top 5 Roblox Games For Kids

Some of the best user-generated games that are popularly visited by children on Roblox are:

  1. Scuba Diving At Quill Lake:

As the title suggests, this game is a treasure hunt in the blue beds of the deep sea. The game allows you to gain a thrilling 3D experience and explore deep waters, at a calm pace. As you scourge the water bed for the blings, a player will come across fantasies, artifacts and other players.

Players can purchase different gears and obtain accessories that aid them in their search. There are multiple establishments within the game where players can buy their accessories from, like Steve’s Shack, the pawnshop, or the tower, among others. The players can also unlock levels that would allow them to expand their area of search in the deep waters. The game is full of mysterious findings that set the inquisitive bug inside you buzzing.

  1. Theme Park Tycoon 2:

This game allows players to watch a brief tutorial, following which they can construct and create their amusement park. This is among one of the educational games which acquaint its players with the nuances of starting and running an actual amusement park.

The virtual 3D experience comes exceptionally close to a real-life one, with the details of this game, that require you to take measures to keep your visitors happy and park attractive and relevant. Players have to allocate resources towards building amenities and increasing attractions to keep their footfall rising.

There is also competition from rivals (other players) that prevents players from getting comfortable and pushes them to strive towards bettering the themed park.

  1. Work At A Pizza Place:

This game allows players to work in teams to take pizza orders and serve them to their customers. The money earned from serving pizzas can be used in upgrading your character, buying new furniture for your house, and better gear.

Players can juggle various roles and try their hands at jobs like that of a cook, delivery man, or cashier. This game, however, respects the personal lives of pizza place workers and allows you to live a happening private life, where you can enter the Party Island and spend your hard-earned cash away.

This is a wholesome game that does not limit its players to one mundane activity, and just when you feel like there is nothing new or exciting you can add to a pizza place worker in a restaurant themed game, Work At A Pizza Place opens your mind to endless possibilities with its teleporting concept.

  1. Natural Disaster Survival:

This game is frequently visited by children below the age of 10 years. This is because of the simplicity of the game that is based on the survival instincts of man. The game requires its players to survive 11 natural disasters on different maps that are pre-decided and placed on a green-colored platform and is used on every level.

These natural disasters could be floods, thunderstorms, a tornado, an earthquake, or a volcano eruption.  The game grants three gears that can be purchased. These gears are an apple, a balloon, and a compass. The apple helps the player is restoring their health, while the balloon helps the players jump to greater heights.

The compass can be achieved by surviving higher degrees of disasters and assists a player choose their map for their next level.

  1. Super Bomb Survival:

Created on the lines of Natural Disaster Survival, this game requires its players to survive the periodic showers of bombs and dynamites. Each round lasts up to two and a half minutes, and players have to tread with caution, considering the width of the destruction on land.

The destruction caused by bombs and fires permanently damages the surroundings in the game. It is a thrilling adventure and keeps players jumping on their seats, in an attempt to find new spots of respite from raining destruction.

If you fail to survive, you are locked in a room where you have the delight of watching other players panic and desperately trying to save themselves from the air bombings. This game is a literal win-win.

Roblox games are desirable owing to their flexibility and can be played on multiple platforms like P.C, Mac, Xbox One, and smartphones. They also boast stringent safety policies for minor users and serve a variety of educational purposes.

With children, today becoming increasingly tech-savvy and leaving no corners of the internet unexplored for a more thrilling internet gaming experience, or stone unturned in creating what they believe is an ideal imaginary universe.